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Mum, Mia and the Spin-Programme

Explaining borderline to children

Recommended for translation.

Explaining the borderline personality disorder of a parent in a manner appropriate to children Target audience: Children, aged 3 to 6, whose parent is suffering from borderline personality disorder. Parents, friends and relatives as well as those working in information centers or as pedagogues.

Sometimes, Mia doesn't understand her mother at all: She is always on the phone, is often in a sad mood and even hurts herself. What is wrong with Mum? »In mum's head, many feelings and thoughts are spinning around. Like in a washing machine,« Mum's doctor explains »and sometimes she can't find the stop-button. That is what makes her feel bad.«
The doctor explains to her what Mum can do to feel better soon. And on top of that, a big dream of hers comes true. This storybook communicates to children that their parents still love them - even if they are not always able to show it.

»Finally a children's book to explain borderline to children. I am a mother and former borderline patient with a daughter, who has fully experienced the disorder, even showing first signs herself. She found herself in this book, overcoming the experience. Wow, and thank you for this book« amazon.de

Christiane Tilly is an occupational therapist, pedagogue and STEPPS trainer. She published own texts in »Irrwege, eigene Wege« and »Leben auf der Grenze. Erfahrungen mit Borderline«. She also worked with Andreas Knuf for »Borderline:Das Selbsthilfebuch«.
Anja Offermann works as a social worker with borderline patients in the outpatient educational help FLEX GmbH in Bielefeld.

First published 2012, current 2nd print-run, 2013, 40 Pages, €12.95, ISBN 978-3-86739-075-0

Original title:
»Mama, Mia und das Schleuderprogramm. Kindern Borderline erklären«

English and Dutch translation available