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ISBN: 978-3-86739-069-9
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I wish I were big at night, too

Learning how to sleep alone without fear

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Teaching children how to go to bed without fears and anxienty. Appropriate for children from the age of 5.

Target audience:
Children who are afraid to sleep alone in their own beds, their parents and relatives.

Every night when bedtime approaches, Lauri doesn't want to go to bed. She is scared to sleep alone in her room because she is convinced to see monsters and witches. These irrational fears of children cannot be resolved through discussing wether there are really scary creatures or not. That is why Lauri's mother rather shows her how to go to sleep step by step. Every day Lauri learns more how to fall asleep without her mother's help. Now she is very proud that she can be a big girl at night, too.

This storybook shows parents a simple method taken from the anxiety therapy to help children go to bed without fear. It is aimed at pre-school children, their parents and relatives.

»A great book for children as well as for adults. The book tells with beautiful illustrations and its simple and understandable wording how parents and children can fight the fear to sleep alone together.« Andrea Kreber, 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

Anja Freudiger is a psychologist and works in an early intervention center in Frankfurt. She also conducts seminars for parents, teachers and therapists.

First published 2011, current 2nd print-run, 2013, 28 Pages, €12.95, ISBN 978-3-86739-069-9

Original title:
»Ich wär so gern auch abends groß Alleine schlafen ohne Angst«